ASTRI CEO discusses trends in Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Hong Kong Economic Times

As computers become faster, sharper and more sophisticated, research and development in the field of AI has also gained strong momentum. AI has already been applied to many tools and applications including personal and commercial appliances – with an aim to make lives better and easier for people. Hong Kong Economic Times (HKET) recently spoke to Dr Frank Tong, CEO of ASTRI, about the future development of AI. In a story published on Friday, 19 May 2017, HKET quoted Dr Tong and reported how advanced AI – similar to ‘Internet+’ – is widening its applicability and relevance. Dr Tong discussed the ever-increasing number of applications, where the ‘AI+’ concept is being applied, such as identity management, biometric authentication, text and voice recognition etc.


With rapid advancement of science and technology, and the significant investment from the business sector in ‘AI’, Dr Tong believes that “traditional business models will evolve in future, making room for smarter, faster and more automated services.” We can expect to see more companies switching to ‘open source’ data, opening up possibilities for different industry players to build new projects based on their platforms.


AI is already a ‘hot topic’ in the business and technology sectors. Experts now refer to AI as a compatible technology that can enhance and transform many different aspects of our daily lives. It has the potential to create tremendous value for the market. Dr Tong emphasised the need for Hong Kong to “invest in AI R&D, and commercialise it across various sectors with an aim to uplift the competitiveness of the SAR.”


To read the whole interview (available in Chinese only), please click here.

(Source: Hong Kong Economic Times published on 19 May 2017)