IoT Sensing and AI Technologies
Technologies and Researches

IoT Sensing and AI Technologies

IOTSAI has four core competence groups specializing in developing and commercializing market-driven solutions, and which between them have accumulated more than 230 granted invention patents and made 160 technology transfers to industry. In recent years, IOTSAI has stepped into new areas such as automatic optical inspection (AOI) and high precision 3D metrology for quality inspection, AI-based defect detection and classification technology for intelligent manufacturing, AR/VR & human-machine interaction sensing for metaverse applications, dynamic AI vision for construction, logistics and facility inspection-related applications, micro & nano photonics (diffractive optics/metalens) for mobile 3D sensing and security control, mini-spectroscopy technology for applications related to smart living and environmental protection, and digital health for elderly care and smart education especially for Special Educational Need (SEN) students.

Core Competence Groups

Intelligent Machine VisionFocusing on visual sensing and AI technologies, IMV deals with advanced and miniaturized optical image sensing devices as well as image understanding and deep learning algorithms
Emerging Sensing & Display TechnologyDevelop smart optics solutions for various applications
Sensing Devices & Integration Develop integrated optical-acoustic-electrical sensor modules for industrial, public, and individual applications
Intelligent IoT SystemsDevelop core technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT/sensors, affective computing and data analytics to support Hong Kong Government’s Smart City initiatives

Key Technologies

Optical Sensing Technology
AI + IOT Applications
ASTRI Machine Vision (AMV) Platform
Optical-Acoustic-Electrical IOT Sensors
Emotion/Behaviour Analysis
Smart Optics based Emerging Sensing and Display Technology
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