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Innovative Mind

INM is a newly established team (since Feb 2023) with major focus on the development of innovative technologies that align with needs from the industry and Government policy. INM consists of four core competence groups (Data & Platform, Smart Electronics, Machine Learning, Smart Connectivity). The team has strong network with Government Departments and local industry that include SMEs and associations as well as local Universities and R&D Centre. Leader and the core team members have rich solid experience in the operation of R&D Centre and implementation/vetting of ITF projects as well commercialization of R&D results.

INM is currently focusing on R&D of several emerging tech areas include Smart City Tech and PropTech with core competence in Autonomous Driving, Ai-Robotics, Smart Mobility and IoT sensing for the Smart City. INM strives the balance between deep-tech research and system applications development so as to work align with Government initiatives and to fulfill needs from the industry.

Core Competence Groups

Smart Infrastructure & Platform (SI&P)The SI&P group Focusing on the development and construction of infrastructure and platforms for smart cities and sustainable communities, integrating core technologies from ASTRI and it’s strategic partner with domain knowledges, developing and delivering innovative solutions, empowering government and industry clients with digital transformation and the and application of cutting-edge technologies
Smart ElectronicsThe Smart Electronics group leverages advanced technologies, such as robotic applications, autonomous control, interactive display systems to tackle real-life challenges and transform the way people engage with the digital world and multimedia
Smart MobilityThe Machine Learning Group develops AI algorithms based on the deep neural network and deep learning technology to extract the structured data from the video, image and audio. Committed to serving the security, construction, transportation and manufacturing industries
Smart ConnectivityThe Smart Connectivity Group committed to develop novel and robust infrastructure of smart connectivity for specific smart city solutions, so as to enhance data transmission efficiency and security. We aim to apply wide range of communication standards, such as 4G/5G, LoRA, NB-IoT, UWB technology to facilitate data access and transmission solutions for various scenarios of smart city, smart mobility and smart living etc

Key Technologies

Autonomous Driving
AI Robotic