Wireless Power Transfer Technology

Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) means transferring electrical energy from the power source to the electrical device for charging of the battery and/or supporting the device operation without wire or conductor, by using magnetic field coupling which includes Magnetic Inductive Coupling and/or Magnetic Resonant Coupling. In general, all radio wave broadcasting system can be regarded as a kind of wireless energy transfer, but in WPT, the “power level” and “transfer efficiency” are much higher.


ASTRI has developed the medium-range power transfer solution based on the magnetic coupling resonance theory. Our WPT system has a performance of transmitting power higher than 33W at up to 15cm and supporting the charging of multiple devices simultaneously. It can serve as the wireless power transfer technology platform for various electronic products and applications.



  • Medium charging range (up to 7~8 times of coil diameter)
  • Flexibility in position alignment
  • Multiple device simultaneously charging
  • High safety, non-radioactive and low inductive heat generation



  • Consumer Electronics, Smart Home, Sensor and Actuators, etc.
  • Others, e.g., Robotics, Electric Vehicle, Military, Unmanned Boat & Underwater Vehicle, Implanted Medical Devices, etc.


ASTRI’s wireless charging demo kit


Typical applications of WPT technology