LTE Core Network Software

ASTRI offers a spectrum of commercial and carrier grade LTE core network software for building end-to-end LTE infrastructure. The LTE core network software has been deployed in live public (telecom operators) and private (vertical application, trial sites) networks.

ASTRI LTE core network software supports x86 based hardware platform. It not only reduces the hardware cost, but also provides high throughput.  To ensure the LTE service is always available, high availability features are supported so that when hardware or network failure occurs, the system can fail over to another hardware instantly with no impact to services.

ASTRI is currently enabling Network Function Virtualization (NFV) for our LTE core network software.  In the near future, our networking software can be deployed on top of third party NFV infrastructures.

ASTRI LTE core network software is solely developed and owned by ASTRI, from data plane protocol stack software (FastGate), signaling protocols and framework, to the higher layer signaling procedures.  ASTRI offers flexible licensing options to industry partners.