Cyber Intelligence Sharing Platform

The group developed a Cyber Intelligence Sharing Platform for the banking industry in Hong Kong where data, information, and intelligence related to cyber-threats provided by the contributing authorised users of the Platform can be collected, compiled, and shared among other authorised users. The purpose of the Platform is to enable timely information sharing to allow spontaneous and appropriate precautionary measures to be taken in combating cyber-attacks.

To cope with ever changing cybersecurity threats to critical infrastructure and financial stability of Hong Kong, the development of this Cyber Intelligence Sharing Platform lays the foundation for cybersecurity intelligence exchange among critical infrastructure entities e.g. the financial industry, public utilities, and IT infrastructure organisations. It will be a core enabler of cybersecurity intelligence exchange between banks or even the entire critical IT infrastructure of Hong Kong. The system is crucial in supporting trusted cybersecurity intelligence exchange among banks and, in future, can be extended to support other sectors and stakeholders.