ASIC Implementation

ASTRI ASIC Implementation CCG transforms innovative ideas and designs into ICs and products. This involves various design processes covering architecture, digital logic, analog circuitry, physical, component simulation, system testing and software. The Group works closely with other Groups and customers to transform their architecture designs and logic forms into a production-ready silicon and system platform. The support model is flexible enough to balance amongst the various trade-offs based on diversified design scenarios and maximised design value.


The Group has been developing Analog IP’s for various IC applications. Both Analog IP blocks for SoC application and pure Analog base IC’s are supported. Some of the examples are multi-channel ADC for video application, Network Controller, Motor Driver and Ultra-low power timing control IC.


Over the years, multiple patents have been filed and granted for several analog circuit designs in the area of low power and area saving. These innovations contributed to the success of ASTRI’s and our customers’ ICs.