AR Head Mounted Display

ASTRI’s AR (Augmented Reality) Head Mount Display uses proprietary sensing integrated optics module for both display and sensing. The intelligent projection solutions cover see through, non-see through virtual display with different types of field of view (FOV), including small FOV prism type and large FOV combiner type. With its sensing capability, it is able to realise finger touch sensing on air, pupil detection and tracking and iris recognition. As there is a built-in android embedded system, it is user friendly to connect to any Internet of Things (IoT) system such as In-door navigation for different types of AR applications.

User scenario of HMD


Key features:
High resolution and brightness display for both indoor and outdoor applications with augmented reality sensing integrated for touch control, face recognition, and eye tracking.

Resolution 720P
Microdisplay LCoS
FOV 14° ~20°
Glasses Type  See Through Prism

Sensing Integrated Monocular Display


Resolution 1080P
Microdisplay Dual LCoS
FOV 60° ~80°
Glasses Type See Through Combiner

Augmented Reality Binocular Display