Evolved Packet Core (EPC)

ASTRI’s has developed 3GPP standard compliant Evolved Packet Core software. EPC is the core network component in LTE networks. The innovative architecture enables high degree of flexibility in deployment and scalability, which allows adaptations to suitable application scenarios, including evolution towards Software Defined Network (SDN) enabled LTE networks in the future.

Key Features and Benefits

Mobility Management Entity (MME)

  • UE mobility and session management, NAS security, authentication, tracking area list management, handover (S1, X2), paging, etc.
  • Embedded HSS/PCRF (N/A if billing enabled)
  • Redundancy: N+1

Packet Gateways (SGW and PGW)

  • Mobility anchor, per-user packet filtering, packet forwarding, dedicated bearers, rate enforcement
  • (AMBR, MBR), accounting (usage records), IPv4, IPv6, IPv4/v6, etc.
  • Configuration option: SGW and PGW can be combined (for small networks) or separated by configuration
  • Redundancy: 1+1

System Management

  • CLI/Telnet management console
  • HTTP web interface System Management for hardware, blades, chassis, redundancy management, etc.
  • Service Management for EPC software services, network configurations, etc.
  • Hardware and Software Platforms
  • ASTRI’s EPC software can run on various platforms:
  • Control Plane Processor
  • Intel x86 based
  • OS: Redhat Linux or Carrier Grade Windriver Linux

Data Plane Processor

  • Cavium 58xx or 68xx based
  • OS: Cavium Simple Executable + Cavium Linux/Carrier Grade Windriver Linux