2D Laser Holographic Projection Display

To meet the requirements of high brightness and compact size, for applications of Automotive Head-up-display and large screen displays on wall, especially in outdoor environment, breakthrough in the development of laser based projection display, including increased optical system efficiency and reduced size/weight and cost is much desired.

In laser based projection display, including conventional imaging/projection and scanned-beam display technologies, additional restrictive requirements must be fulfilled for commercialisation and market acceptance:

• High resolution
• High brightness
• Low speckle
• Eye safe
• Large depth of focus and wide projection angle

ASTRI focuses on developing 2D laser holographic projection display optics engine design and its computer generated hologram (CGH) algorithm, which are expected to have unique ability to achieve key requirements outlined above.

Holographic Projection


CGH (Computer Generated Hologram) Algorithm:


• Phase-only LCoS SLM based
• Variable Laser Wavelengths (Red, Green, Blue, UV)
• Simple Optical Structure
• High brightness
• High Signal Noise Ratio
• Wide throw angle with throw ratio of <1.0
• Dimension: ~80mmx60mmx25mm



Holographic Transparent display on Glass


RGB Holographic Projection on Wall


Holographic Projection in HUD