Smart IoT Platform for Activity Tracking (ART/239CP)

Smart IoT Platform for Activity Tracking (ART/239CP)

Smart IoT Platform for Activity Tracking (ART/239CP)
01 / 10 / 2017 - 30 / 09 / 2019

Mr Andy LAM

There are four major deliverables in this project: (1) Proof of concept prototype of “Smart IoT Platform for Activity Tracking” - Specification and architecture - Cloud Software - Distributed BLE Gateway Software - Mobile Client Software - Documentation of installation (2) Study report for the interface and functionality of third-party cloud providers (e.g. Google Fit ) and wearable activity tracking devices (e.g. Android wear) (3) Customization of platform prototype for customer trial (4) Arrange, conduct and support trial with customer to demonstrate the customized platform in a real environment

Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

Physical inactivity, in some sense, may contribute to obesity and cardiovascular related diseases. In this respect, Smart City development should strive to improve citizen’s quality of life by encouraging active activity to rectify contemporary sedentary and dormant lifestyle. An effective system is therefore needed to collect and analyze relevant data to help understand the issues and establish concrete evidence for further actions. This project proposes to develop a unified cloud/mobile framework and a smart distributed BLE gateway infra-structure for individual and group-based activity management. Activity data will be recorded using light weight wearable devices, and the smart BLE gateways will scan and discover these wearable devices in the proximity and seamlessly collect and aggregate the activity data to cloud-based scalable servers for individual and group-based tracking, monitoring, analysis, recommendation etc. In addition, the framework features a seamless data service capable of accommodating third-party cloud data and analytic. Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the industry partner of this project, will use part of the project deliverables to arrange and conduct trials to collect and study the activity data of children in primary schools, in order to benefit future formulation of physical education in Hong Kong. This objective in enhancing people’s, especially children’s, well-being aligns well with the Hong Kong Government Smart City Initiative. Lastly, this project will employ an open source dissemination model in order to foster industry-wide innovations and create businesses for further applied research and development in specific areas.