Secure Transaction Acceleration in Cloud Computing (ART/276CP)

Secure Transaction Acceleration in Cloud Computing (ART/276CP)

Secure Transaction Acceleration in Cloud Computing (ART/276CP)
15 / 04 / 2019 - 14 / 10 / 2020


1. Survey report of algorithms in existing solutions 2. Optimized software libraries for secure transaction application on cloud server 3. Architecture specification of the secure transaction accelerator 4. FPGA implementation of secure transaction accelerator. 5. System software utilizing the accelerator to perform shielded transactions 6. Evaluation report of the secure transaction accelerator Remark: The FPGA accelerator is able to create a proof under 8 seconds in comparing to 40 seconds for software solution.

HiSilicon Technologies Co. Ltd [Sponsor]
Nova Credit Limited [Sponsor]
Picowork (HK) Limited [Sponsor]

This project aims to provide a solution on cloud FPGA computing platform to reduce the processing time for zero knowledge proof generation and verification in blockchain applications, hence reducing overall transaction cost. The solution will help to overcome the processing speed limitation in the application of zero-knowledge transaction.

The research methodology follows the stages of algorithm development, hardware architecture definition and system implementation. Research will involve the hardware architecture for the highly computational intensive zero-knowledge proof generation. When the project is completed, the technology developed will provide an IP which enhance the performance of blockchain applications on the cloud.

With the privacy of transaction being protected, this will promote the widespread adoption of secure transaction applications on cloud computing platform.