New Radio Enhanced Vehicle-to-Everything Communications (ART/281CP)

New Radio Enhanced Vehicle-to-Everything Communications (ART/281CP)

New Radio Enhanced Vehicle-to-Everything Communications (ART/281CP)
01 / 10 / 2019 - 30 / 09 / 2021

Mr Chris Ching-Hong LEUNG

New Radio Vehicle-to-Everything (NR-V2X) technologies including (1) NR V2X base station (BS) reference design including: -- Commercial SoC solution suitable for outdoor Road Side Unit deployment; -- Software Defined radio with optional FPGA acceleration; -- Support up to 100MHz bandwidth system bandwidth. (2) NR V2X terminal reference design including: -- In-Car Telematics Control Unit (TCU) reference design; -- New hardware platform that supports software defined radio processing with optional FPGA acceleration; -- Support of flexible processing need to cope with target HW processing power and limitation; -- Support vehicle-to-network (Uu) interface for network communication; -- Support vehicle-to-vehicle (PC5) interface for direct communication; -- Support of Low latency and High reliability requirements for advanced V2X use cases. (3) NR V2X link level simulation framework including: -- Support NR-V2X feature enhancements in PC5 interface; -- Support NR-V2X Sidelink Frame Structure design and Physical Sidelink Share Channel (PSSCH); -- Support NR-V2X Physical Sidelink Feedback Channel (PSFCH); -- Support Sidelink HARQ enhancement; -- Support NR-V2X Sidelink Resource Allocation upgrade; -- Support performance verification according to standard requirements. (4) Contract Service Deliverables including -- System integration report for 5G NR base station that is comprised of: -- PHY-RF integration results -- MAC-PHY integration results; -- End-to-end demo setup; -- End-to-end test list and results;

Great Chin Limited [Sponsor]
Steelmate Co., Limited [Sponsor]
Steelmate Co., Limited (Licensing) [Sponsor]
Suzhou Spideradio Telecom Technology Co., Ltd [Sponsor]
Suzhou Spideradio Telecom Technology Co., Ltd (Contract Service) [Sponsor]
Suzhou Spideradio Telecom Technology Co., Ltd (Licensing) [Sponsor]

Vehicle to Everything (V2X), including Vehicle to Vehicle, Vehicle to Pedestrian, Vehicle to Infrastructure and Vehicle to Network, communication has drawn increasing attention as an enabling technology for Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). In the next 3GPP R16 release the standard will support advanced V2X use cases and requirements for advanced transportation applications like platooning, advanced driving, extended sensors and remote driving. The 3GPP R16 will standardize new V2X physical layer features that only 5G technology can support (NR-V2X).

To support ASTRI’s technology evolution, ASTRI plans to develop standard-compliant NR-V2X Base Station (BS) reference design for road side unit deployment, User Terminal (UE) reference design to be installed in vehicles, and link level simulation framework for the development and performance verification of the NR-V2X features.
The NR-V2X technologies to be developed from this project can be applied to enable ITS and contribute to smart city development of Hong Kong.

A number of companies have shown strong interests in collaborating with ASTRI and adopting our technologies to be developed from this project. Initially engaged customers include vehicle electronics manufacturer, i.e. ZhongShan Steelmate, network infrastructure manufacturers, i.e., Suzhou Spideradio and Hong Kong Great Chin.