Intelligent Platform for Fleet Operations (ART/295CP)

Intelligent Platform for Fleet Operations (ART/295CP)

Intelligent Platform for Fleet Operations (ART/295CP)
24 / 02 / 2020 - 23 / 08 / 2021

Dr Edward LOR

1. Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning a. AI Engine a.1 Build models from drivers' historical data a.2 Heat Map generation b. Emotion Detection Framework b.1 Build tool for vocal emotion analysis b.2 Build tool for facial emotion/expression analysis c. Dangerous event prediction based on one or more sets of input, such as vehicle operational data, facial expression, voice, etc. 2. Data analytics a. Data analytic engine a.1 Adverse road/driving condition analysis for route planning application 3. Trial a. Conduct trial with fleet partner with using fleet management solution (route planning application) b. Complete trial report 4. Map various driving behavior analysis to the corresponding sections in a standard (e.g. Government's mandate on local bus companies/driving safety guidelines, or international standard ISO-39001)

Anji Technology (Licensing) [Sponsor]
Itchy Productions Ltd. [Sponsor]

In the past two years, both Hong Kong and China have been plagued by deadly road accidents involving public transportation. The loss of human lives led to calls for drastic changes in the public transportation system. Technological solutions such as intelligent systems are expected to play a role in this regard, that it can help prevent or minimize occurrences of these tragedies.

In this project, we plan to develop an alerting tool that detects dangerous driving events. By examining the vehicle’s operation data and geographical information, combining with the facial expression and voice tone of the driver, it will determine the likelihood of a dangerous road event. It includes instances like dangerous driving at a notorious traffic black spot, the driver not focusing on the road, the driver being disturbed by passengers, etc. A friendly warning may make the driver pay attention to driving safely instead.

It is the goal of this project to use technology to play a vital role in enhancing road safety, especially for commercial vehicles.