AI driven Data Analytics Platform for Risk Management (ART/282CP)

AI driven Data Analytics Platform for Risk Management (ART/282CP)

AI driven Data Analytics Platform for Risk Management (ART/282CP)
01 / 06 / 2019 - 31 / 08 / 2020

Dr Tao YU

1. A unified data management platform serving financial institution’s requirements. It contains the following modules: 1.1 Data collector to get information from various data sources; 1.2 Data aggregation, consolidation and transformation; 1.3 Unified data repository for data storage and management; 1.4 Data query & presentation for analytics reports management; 2. Advanced data analytics using statistic/machine learning/deep learning technologies for risk detection and prediction 2.1 Develop deep learning model for anomaly detection in financial time series data, to achieve better performance than existing financial econometric models in aspects stated in 2.2 2.2 Using existing financial econometric models as a benchmark for developing model performance validation in terms of (1) model accuracy (precision/recall/F1-score), (2) ability to detect different types of anomalies (percentage of anomalies can be detected), and (3) stability when applying to different data set (the model accuracy stability). 3. Integration test and customer site deployment; 4. Documentation (design, API, user manual). Contract service deliverable: 5. Software for data pre-processing: aggregation, consolidation and transformation; (CS1) 6. Software for data processing to calculate different metrics; (CS1) 7. Software for advanced analytics for risk management ; (CS1) The portfolio risks to be managed are loan defaults and Value at risk (VaR). The details are described in attachment 11 (Answer to ITC.doc) under Q b.) answers. 8. Software for anomaly detection for market manipulation in cryptocurrency transactions. (CS2) The anomaly detection needs to detect abnormal behavior in terms of BTC/USD transaction price/volume change, such as pump and dump event. The details are described in attachment 11 (Answer to ITC.doc) under Q c.) answers.

BC TECHNOLOGY (HONG KONG) LIMITED (Contract Service) [Sponsor]
Mioying Financial Technology (HK) Limited (Cash sponsorhsip) [Sponsor]
Silverhorn Investment Advisors Limited(Contract Service) [Sponsor]
Silverhorn Investment Advisors Limited(Technology Licensing) [Sponsor]

Risk management is a critical requirement for financial institutions, especially the investment institutions, where the risks of numerous portfolios must be managed continuously. With the continuing increases in the scale and complexity of financial transactions, large amounts of data need to be processed. A system that can automatically monitor and analyze the data to evaluate the risks will be of great value.

In the project, we aim to develop a data analytics platform to help financial institutions collect, manage and analyze data from various data sources, including the customer’s proprietary data, market data providers and other places to serve their risk management requirements.

We will also develop AI based advanced analytics tools for intelligent risk management, with special focus on using deep learning technology for time series data analysis such as risk measurement value prediction, anomaly detection, suspicious behavior identification etc.