5G Mobile Broadband Small Cells (ART/292CP)

5G Mobile Broadband Small Cells (ART/292CP)

5G Mobile Broadband Small Cells (ART/292CP)
31 / 03 / 2020 - 30 / 03 / 2022

Mr Raymond Yan Lam LEE

5G Mobile Broadband Small Cell Technologies: a) Cell discovery - 5G cell discovery module for SSB with beam sweeping detection and varied SCS adaption for SA small cell networks - 4G cell discovery module for NSA small cell networks b) Sniffer based synchronization - 5G sniffer based synchronization module for SA small cell networks o Utilizing the PSS/SSS/PBCH more efficiently to enhance synchronization accuracy o Combining signals from multiple SSB beams to enhance accuracy - 4G sniffer based synchronization module for NSA small cell networks c) mmWave Radio Access - HW/SW Physical layer architecture to support o TDD/FDD mmWave and below 6GHz o 400MHz bandwidth o 4 layers spatial multiplexing o SCS for 15kHz/30kHz/60kHz/120kHz o 256 QAM high modulation order - PTRS for phase tracking d) mmWave Digital Beam Tracking - Procedures for digital beam tracking 5G Mobile Broadband Small Cell Reference Design: a) Commercial grade 5G small cell PHY layer reference design b) Complete test infrastructure to validate and verify standard requirements Contract Service Deliverables for Customer WSS: a) System integration report that is comprised of: - List of test diagnosis and suggestion - Known L1 issues Note: SSB: Synchronization System Block SCS: Subcarrier Spacing SA: Standalone NSA: Non-standalone PSS: Primary Synchronization Signal SSS: Secondary Synchronization Signal PBCH: Physical Broadcast Channel TDD: Time Division Duplexing FDD: Frequency Division Duplexing QAM: Quadrature Amplitude Modulation PTRS: Phase Tracking Reference Signal HW: Hardware SW: Software PHY: Physical

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The deployment of 5G could bring a new user experience of faster data speed, higher reliability and lower latency. However, the limited propagation of mmWave in 5G would need to be supported with densified networks. Therefore, 5G mobile broadband small cells, which target for short range wireless transmission, play a big role in densified networks. This project will investigate new features to support 5G mobile broadband small cells.

The 5G mobile broadband small cell reference design for this project will support both non-standalone (NSA) and standalone (SA) 5G small cell networks with key features of (1) cell discovery; (2) sniffer based synchronization; (3) mmWave radio access; (4) mmWave digital beam tracking.

Through various business models, the technologies and reference design can be transferred to industries for different types of 5G small cell applications. A number of companies have shown strong interests in collaborating with ASTRI and adopting our technologies to be developed from this project. Initial customers, including network infrastructure equipment vendors Wireless Systems Solutions (WSS) and HK Shiju, have already committed to support this project. Many other companies such as Casa Systems, Telrad, Contela, and Anktion have approached us for potential technologies licensing from this project.