Welcoming Remark and Speech at Collaboration Agreement Signing of ASTRI-Marvel Digital Joint Research and Development Centre

Following is the Welcoming Remark by Mr. Wong Ming-yam, BBS, JP, Chairman of ASTRI at Collaboration Agreement Signing of ASTRI-Marvel Digital Joint Research and Development Centre on 20 Jun 2016.


Herbert (CEO of Marvel Digital), Mr. Con Unerkov (Non-Executive Director of China Integrated Media Corporation Ltd, Parent Company of Marvel Digital), ladies and gentlemen,

Good afternoon.  It is my pleasure to welcome you here today, to share with us this special moment that marks a new page of cooperation between ASTRI and Marvel Digital.

ASTRI and Marvel Digital have been engaging in a very fruitful strategic partnership for over 3 years and have successfully developed a number of great technologies including glasses-free 3D technology.  As you can see, Marvel Digital is very considerate as they have put up a wonderful TV wall here today for you to view and feel the power of innovation, and the impact of our cooperation.

In a moment’s time, we will be signing a cooperation agreement on the establishment of the ASTRI-Marvel Digital Joint Research and Development Centre, which will focus on advanced technology in 3D imaging covering glasses-free 3D virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence, to name but a few.  In short, it bears the mission possible (not impossible) to bring along novel research and innovative products.  I strongly believe that our combined strengths in R & D expertise will take the quality of entertainment and many aspects of our life to the next level.  Most important of all, we will build a strong and professional IC design team and cultivate research talents together.

Thank you.


Dr. Herbert Lee, Chief Executive Officer of Marvel Digital also delivered speech at the signing ceremony. The following is his speech.

Thank you Mr. Wong, Chairman of the board of directors of ASTRI, and Dr. Tong, CEO of ASTRI. Thank you for our distinguish guests for coming to this ceremony. Marvel Digital positions itself as a R&D company which focuses on technology research and product development. Our strategy is to cooperate with advanced research institutes like ASTRI, HKU and HKPolyU to do the basic technology research. We then subsequently use this research outcome to develop innovative products and services that have competitive advantage. Our current business focus on glasses-free 3D technology. We have already developed related products that include digital signage, tablet, mobile phone, PC monitor, content conversion software and super-workstation. Our 3D technology has also been applied to the new China National 3D standard that includes glasses-free 3D technology that will be used in the China broadcasting industry in the coming future. This year is a critical turning point for us as our investment and effort on R&D has materialized. We have a very profitable financial year for the first time and we expect the situation will persist in the coming few years.

Today, we are honored to have the chance to cooperate with ASTRI to establish this Joint Research and Development Center. This joint research center will focus on advance imaging technology which includes glasses-free 3D, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI). Through this research cooperation, we shall have an opportunity to further expand our business scope into these domains. We are looking forward to have innovative products to be developed in this area soon. On the other hand, in order to make our products competitive, we have planned to build a professional IC design team. Through this joint research center, ASTRI will help us to fulfill our mission; as we all know that ASTRI is quite renounced in IC design in the Asia Pacific region. We have cooperated with ASTRI for the past 3 years and we are having a very happy relationship throughout these years. We have high hope that this Join Lab will enable us to stay in the technology forefront in the coming years. We look forward to continue this happy relationship with ASTRI in the years ahead.