Powering the Smart City revolution: ASTRI is showcasing its latest 5G innovations at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2019

[26 June 2019, Hong Kong] As Hong Kong and the rest of the world step into the 5G era, Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) is developing a series of 5G-enabling hardware and software solutions in partnership with its ecosystem partners. At its booth (N1.D130) in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai 2019, ASTRI is showcasing a series of its latest 5G innovations from 26 to 28 June 2019. In addition, ASTRI is jointly performing various technology demonstrations at its partners’ booths. From 5G Centralised RAN (C-RAN) base stations to standalone 200 Gbps 5G core network solution, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to smart mobility, ASTRI’s tools, platforms and applications help develop world-class smart cities. ASTRI’s innovations have been developed in partnership with leading industry players such as Intel, HKT, QCT, China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI), and China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK)。

ASTRI is showcasing the following technologies and solution at MWC Shanghai 2019:

Technology Demo Partner Booth
1 5G end-to-end system (5G C-RAN base station and 5G Core)
2 5G standalone Core Network at 200Gbps Intel
3 Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for road safety
4 Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) and smart mobility technologies HKT ASTRI

booth: N1.D130

5 NB-IoT Chip Keysight
6 Biometric Optical See Through (OST) Head Mount Display (HMD)
7 Virtual Mobile Core Network auto scaling with ONAP DataLake QCT and CMRI CMCC booth: N3.E20
8 Intelligent Blockchain-based IoT Platform CMHK and GSMA GSMA Innovation City area in N5
ASTRI is showcasing its latest 5G innovations at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2019

1. 5G end-to-end system (5G C-RAN base station and 5G Core)

ASTRI will demonstrate live 5G connection on a commercial 5G-enabled smartphone, using its end-to-end 5G C-RAN and Mobile Core system. Using Intel Xeon processors, ASTRI’s network design supports up to 2 Gbps throughput with four spatial layers in sub-6GHz spectrum. The solution has been adopted by a series of 5G network equipment manufacturers based in the Mainland and overseas. The solution also enables public and private network builders to introduce 5G-powered Smart City applications for smart living, smart manufacturing and smart mobility.

2. 5G standalone Core Network at 200Gbps (jointly with Intel)

This joint demonstration will showcase the compelling performance of 5G core network, processing over 200Gbps throughput on standard servers featuring two scalable Intel Xeon processors.

3. Edge Computing and AI for road safety (jointly with Intel)

This joint demonstration will showcase a smart roadside infrastructure with artificial intelligence and visual sensing capabilities. ASTRI’s C-V2X Edge Software, deployed on Intel’s Smart Roadside Computing Unit, can recognise vehicles, people and objects in real time. By issuing real time alerts, this solution will minimise accidents and greatly improve road safety.

4. Smart mobility technologies (jointly with HKT)

ASTRI’s smart mobility technologies covers a wide range of usage scenarios, on Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X), Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) and other Intelligent Transport System (ITS) services.  ASTRI and HKT are working closely on realising the Smart Mobility Technologies in Hong Kong.

5. Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) Chip (jointly with Keysight)

This demonstration showcases the latest low-cost, low-power NB-IoT chip solutions for a wide range of 3GPP-compliant low-cost and low-power IoT services. ASTRI’s NB-IoT chip adopts a unique polar transmitter architecture and integrates on-chip high efficiency CMOS power amplifier, power management unit and digitally controlled crystal oscillator.

6. Biometric Optical See Through (OST) Head Mount Display (HMD)

ASTRI’s Biometric OST HMD is the world’s first turnkey solution to integrate extremely high image quality, smooth human machine interaction and security identification features. Its see-through feature plus high display image quality provides vivid visual experience; iris recognition feature performs high security biometric authentication, and eye-gazing tracking capability provides accurate focus point detection and high user flexibility.

7. Virtual Mobile Core Network auto scaling with ONAP DataLake (jointly with QCT and CMRI)

ASTRI’s Virtual Mobile Core Network is integrated and deployed on top of QCT’s Next Generation Central Office (NGCO) virtualized infrastructure with telemetry running on a x86 server, with OpenStack services, VNF-ASTRI EPC, and ONAP information injected into the ONAP DataLake.  This architecture enables auto scaling by using the ONAP DataLake with analytics, which can provide intelligent scale-in and scale-out mechanisms for virtual mobile core network operations.

8. Intelligent Blockchain-based IoT Platform (jointly with CMHK at GSMA Innovation City)

As Hong Kong largest R&D institute, ASTRI collaborates with China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) to bring the Blockchain IoT to the live network with CMHK’s latest IoT management system – OneNET. The platform uses secured data exchange for data provider to share IoT data with integrity. Through connecting the data providers and consumers, the platform can monetise and strategically exploit the potentially enormous value of the vast amount of IoT data.  The key issue in transforming IoT data to business value is addressed. The platform can help companies and individuals to unleash huge business potential by acting as a trusted intermediary to offer data exchange with integrity among third parties.

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