Member of the Swedish Parliament visits ASTRI

Mr Thomas Strand (1st from left in the picture on the left), member of the Swedish Parliament, visited ASTRI on Tuesday, 7 March 2017. Mr Strand met Dr Frank Tong (2nd from left in the picture on the left) – CEO and Dr MeiKei Ieong (1st from right in the picture on the right) – CTO of ASTRI and discussed issues related to applied research in science and technology. They exchanged views and experiences from Sweden and Greater China respectively and talked about the potential of technological advancements to improve lives, communities and businesses.

Mr Strand has been a senior member of Swedish Parliament since 2006. On getting elected to the legislature, he became deputy head of the parliament’s Education Committee and later served the Committee as its senior member. In January 2007, Mr Strand also became a member of the parliament’s Culture Committee.