Media coverage on announcement on setting up of HKMA-ASTRI Fintech Innovation Hub

Media coverage on Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) ’s announcement on setting up of HKMA-ASTRI Fintech Innovation Hub (the Fintech Innovation Hub) on 6 September 2016.

06/09/2016金管局推措施助金融創新匯豐指有助業界發展 (in Chinese only)
06/09/2016金管局指「沙盒」計劃與風險為本原則無抵觸 (in Chinese only)
06/09/2016金管局推兩項新措施促金融科技發展 (in Chinese only)
06/09/2016HKMA: FinTech Innovation Hub Services Free of Charge
06/09/2016BOC HONG KONG Block Chain Application May Start Trial
06/09/2016Andrew Fung: Govt Leading Fintech Development Can Enhance Cost
06/09/2016HKMA Rolls out 2 Fintech Measures, Details Available in
06/09/2016聲音認證?陳德霖:設金融科技創新中心研究 (in Chinese only)Apple Daily
06/09/2016香港金管局擬推兩項新措施 促進金融科技發展 (in Chinese only)AsiaPacific Daily
06/09/2016金管局即日推「沙盒」 拒承諾不檢控 (in Chinese only)BastillePost Macau
06/09/2016金管局推「 Sandbox 」 下午交待詳情 (in Chinese only)BastillePost Macau
06/09/2016【 11 】馮孝忠:政府助業界防金融科技犯罪 利本港金融科技發展 (in Chinese only)
06/09/2016金管局推銀行監管方 sand box 金融科技產品可局部測試 (in Chinese only)
06/09/2016香港金管局擬推兩項新措施促金融科技發展 (in Chinese only)
06/09/2016香港金管局將推出「監管沙盒」 全力助推FinTech發展 (in Chinese only)
06/09/2016金管局:將建立金融科投資創新中心,不認同本港金融科技落後 (in Chinese only)ET Net
06/09/2016金管局:金融科技創新中心設於科學園,用作測試多方技術 (in Chinese only)ET Net
06/09/2016HKMA to Establish Fintech Innovation Hub and 「Sandbox」Finance Magnates
06/09/2016陳德霖:不同意香港金融科技發展落後於人(in Chinese only)
06/09/2016HKMA to set up fintech sandbox and innovation hubFinextra
06/09/2016金管局總裁:不同意香港金融科技發展落後於人 (in Chinese only)
06/09/2016香港金管局推兩項新措施 促金融科技發展 (in Chinese only)H K CHINA NEWS AGENCY
06/09/2016陳德霖 : 金管局推兩金融科技促進措施 (in Chinese only)Hong Kong Economic Journal
06/09/2016陳德霖不同意香港金融科技發展落後於人 (in Chinese only)Hong Kong Economic Journal
06/09/2016香港金管局推「沙盒」計畫 鼓勵本地銀行金融創新 (in Chinese only)
06/09/2016金管局夥應科院設金融科技創新中心 數周內公佈細節 (in Chinese only)
06/09/2016陳德霖指將推兩項措施以推動金融科技服務發展 (in Chinese only)
06/09/2016金管局指金融科技創新中心最快可於十月啟用 (in Chinese only)
06/09/2016大陸金融:陳德霖稱,將推金融科技監管沙盤及科技創新中心推動金融科技服務(in Chinese only)Money Link
06/09/2016金管局:創新中心可方便局方於測試中提供初步指引 (in Chinese only)
06/09/2016金管局:金融科技沙盒有助銀行加快推出金融科技新服務 (in Chinese only)
06/09/2016金管局與應科院促進金融科技發展 業界料可降發展成本 (in Chinese only)
06/09/2016金管局推兩措施促進金融科技發展 (in Chinese only)
06/09/2016金管局將推出新措施促進金融科技 (in Chinese only)
06/09/2016馮孝忠:業界共同開發及共用大數據有助防範金融犯罪 (in Chinese only)
06/09/2016金融科技︰金管局為銀行提供平臺及試驗場 (in Chinese only)Oriental Daily
06/09/2016金融科技:金管局 2 部曲助金融科技創新 (in Chinese only)Oriental Daily
06/09/2016金管局促金融科技發展 推科技創新中心及監管用途之「沙盒」(in Chinese only)
06/09/2016恒生馮孝忠:金管局推 Fintech 新措施 料有助業界集中資源(in Chinese only)
06/09/2016香港金管局推出兩項新措施以促進銀行金融科技發展(in Chinese only)路透社
06/09/2016HKMA to boost fintech English News
06/09/2016陳德霖:不同意香港金融科技發展落後於人(in Chinese only)
06/09/2016HKMA floats test bed for banks to try out financial technologiesThe Standard
06/09/2016陳德霖指將推兩項措施以推動金融科技服務發展 (in Chinese only)
06/09/2016陳德霖:金管局今推兩金融科技倡議 (in Chinese only)
06/09/2016陳德霖稱,將推金融科技監管沙盤及科技創新中心推動金融科技服務 (in Chinese only)
06/09/2016香港金管局將推出「監管沙盒」 全力助推FinTech發展 (in Chinese only)
06/09/2016【金融紙尿片】金管局推「沙盒」准銀行測試新金融科技 (in Chinese only)
06/09/2016HKMA embraces FinTech as it burnishes Hong Kong’s brand to compete as Asia’s financial hub
06/09/2016陳德霖:金管局今推兩金融科技倡議 (in Chinese only)
06/09/2016金管局 : 金融科技創新中心設於科學園 , 用作測試多方技術 (in Chinese only)
06/09/2016金管局將推出新措施促進金融科技 (in Chinese only)Yahoo News
06/09/2016馮孝忠:政府助業界防金融科技犯罪 利本港金融科技發展 (in Chinese only)Yahoo News
06/09/2016馮孝忠:業界共同開發及共用大數據有助防範金融犯罪 (in Chinese only)Yahoo News
06/09/2016金管局:創新中心可方便局方於測試中提供初步指引 (in Chinese only)Yahoo News
06/09/2016金管局:金融科技沙有助銀行加快推出金融科技新服務 (in Chinese only)Yahoo News
07/09/2016金管局向銀行鬆綁 谷金融科技創新 (in Chinese only)Apple Daily
07/09/2016金管局兩項金融科技措施 (in Chinese only)
07/09/2016金管局推銀行監管方 sand box 金融科技產品可局部測試 (in Chinese only)
07/09/2016首引「沙盒」促金融科技發展 (in Chinese only)
07/09/201606Sep/Norman T L Chan: What does it take to build a “Hong Kong Brand” for financial services?
07/09/2016香港金管局擬推兩項新措施促進金融科技發展 (in Chinese only)
07/09/2016金管局兩招催谷港銀拓 FinTech 下月推創新中心 「沙盒」測試新產品 (in Chinese only)Hong Kong Economic Journal
07/09/2016金管局兩招拓 Fintech 適度寬監管 創新中心最快10月運作 沙供銀行實境測試 (in Chinese only)Hong Kong Economic Times
07/09/2016香港拓 FinTech 重金融莫輕科技 (in Chinese only)Hong Kong Economic Times
07/09/2016金管兩招谷 FinTech (in Chinese only)Oriental Daily
07/09/2016金管局兩招催谷港銀拓 FinTech 下月推創新中心 「沙盒」測試新產品 (in Chinese only)Kui Blog
07/09/2016金管局兩措施加快金融科技發展 設金融科技創新中心 最快下月推 (in Chinese only)Ming Pao Daily News
07/09/2016金管局推兩金融科技促進措施 (in Chinese only)Sing Pao
07/09/2016銀行設專責部門研發 (in Chinese only)Sing Tao Daily
07/09/2016中銀致力創新 推網點智慧化 (in Chinese only)Takungpao
07/09/2016監管沙盒難作「不檢控承諾」(in Chinese only)Takungpao
07/09/2016馮孝忠:共用大數據做好網絡保安 (in Chinese only)Takungpao
07/09/2016業界:新措施料提升效益 (in Chinese only)Wen Wei Po
07/09/2016首引「沙盒」促金融科技發展 (in Chinese only)Wen Wei Po
07/09/2016金管局兩項金融科技措施 (in Chinese only)Wen Wei Po
07/09/2016金管局推兩措施 未涵蓋非銀行機構 首引「沙盒」促金融科技發展 (in Chinese only)Wen Wei Po
07/09/2016香港是金融服務業的國際品牌要在產品和服務方面不斷提升 (in Chinese only)
07/09/2016香港金管局推兩招促金融創新 (in Chinese only)
07/09/2016推動金融科技 金管局推兩新措施 (in Chinese only)am730
07/09/2016設創新中心與監管“沙盒” 港兩措施發展金融科技 (in Chinese only)
07/09/2016香港金管局擬推兩項新措施促金融科技發展 (in Chinese only)
07/09/2016香港特區金管局推新舉措促金融科技發展 (in Chinese only)
07/09/2016HSBC: Supports HKMA’s Measures to Boost HK Fintech
07/09/2016香港金管局推“沙盒”計劃 鼓勵本地銀行金融創新 (in Chinese only)
07/09/2016香港金管局擬推兩項新措施促進金融科技發展 (in Chinese only)
07/09/2016香港金管局將推​​“監管沙盒” 全力助推FinTech發展 (in Chinese only)
07/09/2016陳德霖:不同意香港金融科技發展落後於人 (in Chinese only)
07/09/2016香港金管局推“沙盒”計劃 加快本地金融科技創新的步伐 (in Chinese only)
07/09/2016Hong Kong Banking Regulator to Launch FinTech Sandbox Hong Kong Lawyer
07/09/2016Hong Kong fintech sandbox exclusively for banks Fund Selector Asia
07/09/2016中銀香港致力創新 推網點智能化  (in Chinese only) H K CHINA NEWS AGENCY
07/09/2016 香港金管局將推​​出“監管沙盒” 全力助推FinTech發展 (in Chinese only)
07/09/2016 香港金管局擬推兩項新措施促進金融科技發展 (in Chinese only)
07/09/2016 Hong Kong’s Central Bank to Test Blockchain (in Chinese only) CoinDesk
07/09/2016香港金管局擬推兩項新措施促進金融科技發展 (in Chinese only) International Daily News
07/09/2016香港金管局擬推新措促金融科技發展 (in Chinese only)
08/09/2016香港特區金管局推新舉措促金融科技發展 (in Chinese only)
08/09/2016一周比特幣:幣價單日暴漲6.66%後迎來橫盤 (in Chinese only)
08/09/2016香港金管局擬推兩項新措施促金融科技發展 (in Chinese only)
08/09/2016成立金融創新實驗室,香港金管局在Fintech上又邁了一步 (in Chinese only)
08/09/2016HaoBTC比特幣錢包:香港央行看好區塊鏈 (in Chinese only)
08/09/2016香港金管局推“沙盒”計劃 鼓勵本地銀行金融創新 (in Chinese only)
08/09/2016香港金管局推“沙盒”計劃 鼓勵本地銀行金融創新 (in Chinese only)
08/09/2016金融科技創新中心由金管局和香港應用科技研究院合作推出 (in Chinese only)
07/09/2016香港金管局擬推兩項新措施促進金融科技發展 (in Chinese only)
09/09/2016香港金管局擬推兩項新措施促進金融科技發展 (in Chinese only)
11/09/2016香港特區金管局推新舉措促金融科技發展  (in Chinese only)
11/09/2016香港金管局擬推兩項新措施促進金融科技發展 (in Chinese only)
11/09/2016香港金融管理局擬開設創新中心,測試區塊鏈技術 (in Chinese only)
10/09/2016香港金管局擬推新措促金融科技發展  (in Chinese only)
09/09/2016Hong Kong Monetary Authority Announces Fintech Innovation Hub & Supervisory Sandbox Crowdfund Insider
09/09/2016玩兒嗨了!監管層發令槍一響 互聯網、銀行紛紛搶跑 (in Chinese only)
09/09/2016HK’s Central Bank to Test BlockchainHong Kong Herald