CEO Dr. Frank Tong Shares Insights at Hong Kong United Foundation Forum

ASTRI CEO Dr. Frank Tong was invited to share insights on Hong Kong’s economic development at the Forum titled “Hong Kong’s Economic Development: Crisis and Opportunities” organised by Hong Kong United Foundation on 30 July, 2016 which was attended by about 300 participants from various sectors.  Dr. Tong shared from the technological development perspective the crisis, opportunities and solutions for Hong Kong’s economic development.


Dr. Frank Tong (2nd from right) at the Forum with The Chief Executive of Hong Kong Mr. C Y Leung and other guests.


Dr. Frank Tong (1st from left) shares insights on Hong Kong’s economic development from the technological development perspective.


Chief Executive Mr. CY Leung (left) presents a souvenir certificate to Dr. Frank Tong (centre).

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Please click here to watch the video of interview with ASTRI’s CEO Dr. Frank Tong on Financial Technologies.