ASTRI’s R&D experts share latest developments in FinTech with ICAC professionals

ASTRI’s senior R&D experts recently facilitated in a session on FinTech organised at the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) premises. Dr Lucas Hui – Senior Director of Security and Data Science and Dr Yu Tao – Director for Data Analytics joined other industry experts to share their insights and experiences. Dr Lucas Hui discussed the application and security aspects of Blockchain technology in the financial services sector while Dr Yu Tao focused on Big Data Analytics in FinTech.

ASTRI is a pioneering FinTech R&D centre in this region specialising in sophisticated research and application development for the sector. Our FinTech experts develop solutions that leverage Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, strengthen cybersecurity, make sense of big data, and provide valuable proofs-of-concept that benefit the entire industry.