ASTRI’s Cryptographer Dr. Liu Zhen appointed as professor in Shanghai Jiaotong University

A veteran in cryptography, Dr. Liu Zhen, former Senior Software Engineer, Applied Cryptography of ASTRI was appointed as Professor of the famous Shanghai Jiaotong University.  When serving at ASTRI Security Lab, Dr. Liu made significant contributions towards the design of cryptographic systems.

To bid farewell to Dr. Liu Zhen, ASTRI Security Lab hosted a farewell party on 27 July.  Dr. Duncan Wong, Vice-President, Financial Technologies said, “We would like to thank Dr. Liu for his great contributions to ASTRI and convey our hearty congratulations to him on his new appointment.  We really feel proud of him.”

2016-08-11 Dr Liu

Colleagues from ASTRI Security Lab bids farewell to Dr. Liu Zhen (Centre)