The Finance and Administration Committee

The Finance and Administration Committee

The Finance and Administration Committee established by the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Company Limited (“ASTRI”) oversees ASTRI’s finance and administration matters. Its main functions include:

  1. To recommend the Annual Budget to the Board for consideration and adoption
  2. To monitor the financial performance of ASTRI, and to ensure that funds made available to it are properly expended and accounted for
  3. To recommend the organisation structure and staffing framework of ASTRI to the Board for consideration and adoption
  4. To recommend the terms and conditions of service of all staff (including remuneration, allowances, annual salary adjustment, etc.) and other major personnel policies to the Board for consideration
  5. To approve the personnel management procedures for adoption and oversee the development of such procedures
  6. To receive regular reports on staff movement (such as appointment, resignation, dismissal, etc.) and related issues on all ASTRI staff
  7. To recommend the establishment of Corporate Governance Policy to the Board for approval
  8. To assist the Board in overseeing ASTRI’s commercialisation of technologies, including licensing and spin off activities
  9. To advise the Board on any other finance, staffing and administrative matters.

Members of the Finance and Administration Committee:

  • Professor Chan Chun-kwong (Chairman)
  • Mr Ivan Lee Kwok-bun, JP, Commissioner for Innovation and Technology
  • Mr Stephen Chau Kam-kun
  • Dr Felix Chow Bok-hin
  • Mr Edmund Lee Chi-wai
  • Mr Theodore Ma Heng
  • Mr Ng Wun-kit, JP
  • Mr Anthony Tong Tat-hay
  • Mr Wilfred Wong Kam-pui, BBS, JP