Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) Technology

Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) Technology

  • WPT means transferring electrical energy from the power source to the electrical device for charging of the battery and/or supporting the device operation without wire or conductor, by using magnetic field coupling, including Magnetic Inductive Coupling and/or Magnetic Resonant Coupling. In general, all radio wave broadcasting system can be regarded as a kind of wireless energy transfer, but in WPT, the “power level” and “transfer efficiency” are much higher.

    ASTRI has developed the medium-range power transfer solution based on magnetic coupling resonance theory. Our design of the WPT module has a performance of transmission power higher than 33W, charging distance larger than 15cm, and supporting multiple device simultaneously charging. It can serve as a wireless power technology platform for various electronic products and applications.

    ASTRI’s wireless charging product prototype in testing


    • Medium range (up to 7 or 8 times of coil diameter)
    • Flexibility in position alignment
    • Multiple device simultaneously charging
    • High Safety, non-radioactive, low inductive heat generation


    • Consumer Electronics, e.g., home, street, car, etc.
    • Others, e.g., automobile, robotics, military, implanted medical device, etc.
    Applications of WPT