SiC Device and SiC-based Power Electronics

ASTRI is focusing on the wide bandgap semiconductors development for the next generation power electronics, especially on the Silicon Carbide (SiC) devices. We mainly provide customized solutions including device design (especially Schottky Barrier Diodes and MOSFETs), process integration, device fabrication and testing.

SiC devices have low switching loss, low conduction loss and high thermal stability while comparing to the conventional silicon devices. By replacing the silicon-based system into the SiC-based system, it improves the system performance with higher efficiency, higher power density and wider range of operation temperature.  

ASTRI’s patented solutions can further improve the performance and reduce the manufacturing cost of the SiC devices. We are working closely with the industry to commercialize the technologies.



  • Electric Vehicles
  • Robotics
  • Solar system
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
  • Telecommunication
  • Data Centre
  • Consumer electronics
Generic structure of an ASTRI SiC diode chip

SiC devices applications