Virtualisation for 4G and Beyond Mobile Networks

Virtualisation for 4G and Beyond Mobile Networks

  • Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) is a major direction in telecom industry. Network Virtualisation decouples hardware and software in network equipment. By doing so, the network functions are implemented as software and deployed on top of general purpose hardware platforms. It offers significant flexibility to provision the infrastructure with different services including 4G, WiFi, and next generation services. In addition, it reduces capital expenditure (CapEx) and operational expenditure (OpEx).

    ASTRI’s Research on NFV

    ASTRI provides a spectrum of commercial and carrier grade LTE core network software.  ASTRI is currently enabling Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) for our LTE core network software.

    Our R&D Focus:

    • Performance Optimisation: Unlike deploying directly on hardware, the performance and throughput would be impacted by the NFV infrastructure and hypervisor.  ASTRI focuses on optimising networking stack, as well as pinpointing and resolving the performance bottlenecks resulting from the NFV infrastructure.
    • High Availability (HA): Traditionally, HA is implemented based on specialized hardware platforms. With NFV, a software based approach will be taken instead.
    • Open Platform and Standard: Focus on open standards (e.g. OPNFV, ONP) and architecture (e.g. ETSI NFV architecture)

    The project aims to research, develop and integrate LTE network subsystems on mainstream open standard NFV platforms (including WindRiver, Open Platform NFV – OPNFV etc) and be manageable by mainstream NFV orchestrators, with carrier grade performance and high availability capabilities.

    Project Deliverables:

    (1) Virtualised Evolved Packet Core (EPC) software

    (2) Virtualised LTE Small Cell Gateway software

    (3) Virtualised Security Gateway software

    (4) Virtualised WiFi/4G Convergence Gateway software

    (5) Virtualised LTE Small Cell Management software

    (6) Virtualised Network Protocol Stacks Software

    (7) (a) System integration and verifications and (b) NFV Platform Establishment and Enhancement, Integrations

    ASTRI’s Collaboration on NFV

    ASTRI is actively collaborating with major players in the ecosystem of NFV technologies:

    Contributor to open standards, e.g. (

    Collaboration with commercial grade NFV platforms ( Simplified Chinese only.)

    Demonstrations: China Mobile, ASTRI and Sunnada to jointly demonstrate Network Function Virtualization for LTE Nanocell at Mobile World Congress – ASTRI ASTRI

    NFV White Paper

    Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) for Next Generation Networks (NGN)