LTE Network Management Suite

LTE Network Management Suite

  • End-to-End, Multi-Vendor, Multi-Layer LTE Management Benefits

    ASTRI’s LTE Management System (LTENMS) helps network operators monitor LTE services effectively:

    ASTRI LTENMS can manage LTE base stations, IP/MPLS based transports and the core networks (EPC). Operators can have a centralized view of the whole network, instead of islands of equipment.

    Managing multi-vendor network has been a challenge for operators. ASTRI LTENMS can easily support monitoring equipment and services from different vendors.

    The LTE service relies not only on the LTE network equipment (like base stations), but also the transport equipment. When there is a LTE service outage, operator can analyze the issues at different layers to determine the root cause. At the same time, a fault correlated with the service impacts can be identified.

    LTENMS overview
    ASTRI’s LTENMS overview

    Management System Platform and Overall Architecture

    ASTRI’s Management System Platform provides a module based architecture to support multi-vendor equipment with the following standard management features:

    • Web Based GUI
    • SNMP/Telnet/SSH/TR069 Protocols
    • Group + Role Based Access Controls
    • Inventory, Hardware/Shelf Panel Display, Topology Management
    • Redundancy
    Alarms Management
    Alarms Management
    Group Based Access Controls
    Group Based Access Controls


    Besides the standard features, ASTRI’s Management System Platform supports different Management Service Bundle (MSB) to extend management functionalities:

    LTE Core Management Service Bundle

    LTE Core Management provides managing LTE network elements and logical entities:

    LTE Logical Path
    Illustrates logical paths (S1, S10, S11, S5) between LTE eNB and elements in EPC

    Per-User Path
    Isolates the logical and physical path of an individual mobile user (signaling path and data path)

    LTE Service Status
    Based on reports and alarms

    Fault Analysis
    Determines the service impacts when there is a fault, e.g. number of base stations, and number of users being aftected

    LTE Small Cell (HeMS) Management Service Bundle

    LTE HeMS MSB provides a high degree of automation in managing small cell LTE base stations, using TR069 protocols:

    Automatic and Profile Based Provisioning
    LTE Small Cell base stations can be automatically configured when it is powered on

    SON Features
    Automatic Physical Cell (PCI) assignment and more will be added, such as eICIC configurations

    HeNB Configuration Management
    HeNB Configuration Management


    ASTRI’s Small Cell Access Solution provides two licensing options:
    • OEM Licensing: Only binaries provided + support/upgrade
    • Source Licensing: Source code provided