Liquid Crystal on Silicon Panel

Liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) panel has long been used as a light amplitude modulator for projection display applications. With proper liquid crystal mode and arrangement of incident light polarisation, LCOS panel can also be used as a pure phase modulator, and functions as a dynamic diffractive element.

ASTRI’s LCOS panel can work as an amplitude modulator with high contrast, fast response time, which is suitable for Head Mounted Display (HMD) and Head Up Display (HUD) see-through display applications.

ASTRI’s LCOS panel can work as a phase modulator as well, which can be used for manipulating wave front for various applications, such as high efficiency holographic HMD, HUD application.

LCOS Panel Structure
LCOS Panel Structure

Key features:
• Amplitude modulated LCOS Panel:

o Panel size: 0.37”
o Resolution: 720p
o Contrast: 1000:1
o Frame rate: 180Hz

• Phase modulated LCOS Panel:

o Phase only modulation
o ≥2π phase shift up to 633nm
o Small pixel size 4.5um
o High resolution 1080p
o High diffraction efficiency

Application: HMD, HUD, POS (projection on surface)