IoT Gateway and Management Platform

IoT Gateway and Management Platform

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    The Internet-of-Things (IoT) gateway and management solution consists of two parts:

    (1) IoT Management and Application Platform (IMAP) for large-scale device and data management

    (2) IoT Gateway Platform for device and data interfacing and adaptation

    The solution is based on ETSI M2M standard architecture and interfaces, with platform scalability, flexibility, reliability and security to support multiple vendors, standards, protocols, interfaces and data models. It can enable IoT applications and deployment of different scales (e.g. Smart City, Smart home, Internet-of-Vehicles etc).

    Key features

    (1) IoT Management and Application Platform(2) IoT Gateway Platform
    Sensors, Smart Devices and IoT Gateway Management

    -Supports multi-vendor multi-standard sensors, smart devices and gateway management

    -Provides inventory, configuration, status, alarm and performance reports, as well as security and access control
    Multi-vendor Adaptation and Extensible Platform
    Rapid customization using adaptors
    6LoWPAN, Zigbee, WiFi
    Data Management
    Supports standard ETSI Web interfaces (REST/HTTP/HTTPS) and data format (e.g. XML, JSON)
    Proxy for Device Management
    Device registration and discovery, data and control channels, inventory, alarms, configuration, status monitoring
    Scalability, Flexibility and Security
    Platform scalability, flexibility and security to support different IoT applications (e.g. Smart City, Smarthome, Internet-of-Vehicles (IoV) etc.)
    Security and Device access control (authentication and authorization), data integrity and protection (HTTPS)
    Web GUI with standard HTML5 formatStandard web interfaces (REST/HTTP/CoAP) and data format (e.g. XML, JSON)
    Gateway Hardware Platform supported: x86, mini-PCs, ARM-based, Raspberry-Pi, MIPS-based, OpenWRT router platform

    Application Example:

    Solar Street Light Management System

    • The system leverages ASTRI’s IoT solution to enable large-scale city-wide management of solar street lights, to provide real-time status monitoring and remote control and to reduce maintenance costs  manual operations. The system has already been successfully deployed in campus and roads in Wuhan. It is targeted and planned for large-scale city-wide deployment in coming years.