Open Broadband Wireless Innovation Platform

Open Broadband Wireless Innovation Platform

  • ASTRI has developed LTE technologies in various areas such as baseband, RF system, and core network software, and become one of the leaders in providing LTE technologies. This project develops an Open Broadband Wireless Innovation Platform (WIP) through integration of ASTRI and 3rd party’s technologies and products for the purposes of providing a (configurable) network environment for system development, integration and verification for commercialization;

    The deliverables of this project include:

    (1)deployment of an LTE small cell network in both indoor and outdoor environment with Self-Organizing Network (SON) capability,

    (2)Integration of WiFi APs and a WiFi/LTE Convergence Gateway with a policy based traffic offloading function,

    (3)Active Antenna System (AAS) beam forming configuration and testing.

    (4)Application reference cases: smart street lights, video surveillance, and smart home

    Moving forward, this WIP will be evolved to become an Open 5G Innovation Platform, with advanced technologies including C-RAN, Mobile Edge Computing, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) based EPC and applications (e.g. VR, IoV management).