High-Efficiency RF

High-Efficiency RF

  • Communication technologies group has developed advanced RF solutions to enhance the spectral efficiency and reduce power consumption of the wireless infrastructure.

    Active Antenna System (AAS): “Smart Tile” Reference Design

    The Active Antenna System combines antenna arrays and active components integrated with signal processing algorithms to provide multiple antennas with low coupling and over multiple frequencies bands to increase data throughput. A typical active antenna system is of similar size to a conventional passive antenna, yet offers much better performance and greater benefits to operators.


    • Capacity increase by beamforming
    • Lower overall site costs
    • Higher energy efficiency and RF performance
    • More flexible deployment


    AAS: “Smart Tile” prototype

    Full Duplex Technologies

    Full duplex transceiver directly duplicates the spectrum usage compared with traditional FDD or TDD system by enabling simultaneous radio transmission and reception on the same frequency and at the same time. This is an attractive technology to be adopted in 5G standard.

    ASTRI’s full duplex solution involves multi-stage cancellation. The antenna and analog RF interference cancellation unit will cancel the large power interference and reduce the dynamic of the received signal. The residual interference will be compensated by digital cancellation unit. The overall system will compensate more than 100dB interference. This allows the full duplex system to be used in the LTE system.


    Multiple Stage Cancellation


    ASTRI full duplex analog cancelation board

    Antenna characterisation

    ASTRI provides industrial grade RF and antenna measurement facilities for RF and antenna design and calibration. The facilities provide:

    • 3D Radiation Measurement System
      • 3D Active Radiation testing (TRP/TIS)
      • 3D Passive Radiation testing (up to 6 GHz)
    • SAR Measurement System
    • RF measurement: VNA, SA, SG, Signal Analyser, Power Meters, …
    • Simulation Software: HFSS, CST
      • SAR optimisation, field and current visualisations


    Wide-band base station antenna array 3D measurement