Data Analytics

Data Analytics

  • Data Analytics Team specialises in building innovative technologies and advanced solutions to help customers gain insights from big data for better decision making. We are developing technologies throughout the whole data lifecycle: data acquisition, data storage and management, data analytics and data presentation.

    The team is experienced and professional in both big data technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, Map reduce, Kafka, Hbase, Elastic search, etc, and the machine learning, deep learning and graph analytics which provide generic and domain-specific analytics solutions for various domains including financial, government, industry manufacturing and etc. We work with enterprises, government and organisations to deliver FinTech, Intelligent manufacturing, smart city and various big data analytics solutions.

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    Focus Areas



    • BCInsight: Data Analytics for Blockchain

      By using advanced data analytics technologies such as graph analysis, pattern mining, time-series correlation and predictive analytics, we are developing tools and algorithms to provide a thorough understanding about blockchain transactions, to help deriving real-time intelligence such as AML solution and better risk assessment for regulations.


    • Personalized financial products recommendation

      We are also developing technologies for helping financial institutions to provide personalised product recommendation, based on user’s profile, preference and historical transactions. The objective is to reduce human effort as well as increasing the success ratio in choosing appropriate products for promotion.


    Intellectual Manufacturing

    • StreamInsight: Real time IoT data analytics platform for Intelligent manufacturing

    StreamInsight aims to build an end-to-end real time IoT data analytics platform with specially designed analytics algorithms to support industrial systems monitoring, problem detection, root cause analysis, predictive maintenance and etc.


    Smart City

    • Smart Traffic

    Traffic has major impact on livability and efficiency in cities. Smart Traffic is one of the major focuses in Hong Kong’s smart city initiatives. In this project, we leverage the big data analytics technologies to correlate the information across multiple departments/systems to analyse Hong Kong traffic status, the weather impact to traffic as well as real-time prediction of traffic status in the coming hour. The solution can help government departments have better visibility into traffic conditions, conduct more effective operations to relieve/avoid traffic congestion and etc. For citizens, the solution can help deriving better route planning.


    Social data analytics

    • SocialInsight: Social Data Services and Analytics Dashboard

    SocialInsight is a big data management system for providing real time social data services and analytics dashboard. It collects data from various social media channels, such as facebook, twitter, weibo, wechat, forums, news website and etc., and using the behavioural, predictive, graph and descriptive-prescriptive analytics to build up various solutions such as brand monitoring for enterprises, public comments monitoring for government agencies, risk management and analysis for financial institutions and etc.




    Bamboo: An Easy-to-use Big Data Analytics Platform

    Collaborated with HPE, we developed an easy-to-use end-to-end Big Data Analytics (BDA) platform for both technical and non-technical enterprise users. It empowers the business users to improve their decisions and operations by harnessing the value of Big Data. They can easily migrate the business intelligence data from existing data sources (e.g. RDBMS) to the said platform and set up the data analytics workflow for their specific business domain via a user-friendly graphical interface. The developed platform has been successfully announced to the market and has been integrated into HPE’s big data solution framework.