Smart Appliance Transceiver

Smart energy and variable utility rates have become an essential solution for rising energy cost. With expertise in IC design, the Communication Group aims to bring further improvements on application designs to power-line communication infrastructure based on the HomePlug Green PHY standard.

Featured Highlights

Hardware Development

  • Complete SoC with Mixed Signal IPs (AFE, PHY, MAC) conforming to HomePlug Green PHY  standard
  • Embedded Power Meter
  • Reference system hardware

Software Development

  • SoC Firmware Driver for control and monitoring
  • Reference Mobile Apps for remote access
Power Line Communication Solutions
ASTRI PLC SoC ver1.0
ASTRI PLC SoC ver1.0


The group focuses on developing applications for secured IoT devices such as smart home,
building, lighting and will further extend to other applications such as financial transactions.


The group devotes efforts in developing robust synchronisation algorithms such that the SoC
can communicate with other devices in adverse power line situations. The embedded power
meter within SoC allows convenient measurement of energy consumption on devices.

Secured IoT Communication


Hardware Wallet for Crypto-Currencies

The Communication group also develops hardware security IPs to improve overall security in IoT devices.

The group has developed a mobile crypto-currency hardware wallet for storing private keys and signing transactions within the device. Special algorithms are developed to prevent malicious attacks and allow keys recovery if the wallet is lost.