ASTRI Visually Enhanced Ultra Hi-Def Technology


ASTRI’s Visually Enhanced Ultra Hi-Def (VEUHD) technology converts and polishes the input full HD video to high-quality 4K format video signal for 4KTV panels. Based on technologies such as Super-resolution (SR) and Human Visual System (HVS) models, it optimises the resolution, colour and depth sense and enhances viewers’ visual experience. ASTRI’s solution supports low latency real time conversion in FPGA/ASIC realisation, and high speed off-line content making in software implementation.

Feature Highlights


Input HD (1080p) video is converted to 4K (2160p) by super-resolution. Our innovative and world-class algorithm analyses the video content, removes jaggy and halo artifacts, and brings out details that are optimal for visual experience.


Enhancement is done once the image is converted to the desired resolution format. Our technology adaptively improves the local contrast, makes the colours more vivid, and creates a greater sense of depth.

• Noise reduction
VEHUD reduces sensor noise as well as blocking and mosquito artifacts from codec and preserves noise-like image details at the same time.



Input Video Formats

RGB 8-bit, YUV

Output Video Formats

RGB 10-bit, YUV


4KTV, set-top box (STB), Software solutions

Technology Licensing

The Real-time VEUHD technology can be licensed to industrial partners in forms of algorithm, FPGA or hardware module. Alternatively, it can be licensed as soft or hard silicon IP and integrated into any self-developed IC.