LTE Machine Type Communications (MTC) Baseband Technologies

LTE Machine Type Communications (MTC) Baseband Technologies

  • This project develops LTE machine type communications (MTC) baseband technologies in order to address the high demand for MTC applications in the near future. It is projected that LTE MTC will have a large variety of applications such as smart city infrastructure, tracking and tracing, payment, and metering. These applications create many technical challenges, namely, user equipment (UE) cost reduction, coverage extension, massive number of devices per base station, and diverse traffic requirements.

    This project provides solutions to the technology needs of LTE MTC UE. Specifically, the project deliverables include:

    (1)Baseband and MAC simulation platform supporting baseline LTE-R9 UEs and MTC UEs.

    (2)LTE MTC UE reference design implemented on a commercially available SoC device

    (3)Test infrastructure to verify and validate 3GPP requirements

    (4)One patent application on LTE MTC baseband technology. The key LTE MTC UE baseband and MAC technologies include (1) Integration with LTE-R9 UE model (2) Low power Cat 0 UE design (3) Single antenna port, single layer transmission and reception (4) TDD, FDD, and HD-FDD modes (5) Diversity processing of PBCH and PRACH signals for coverage extension. (6) TTI bundling, SPS, and QoS scheduling for signaling overhead reduction, and traffic adaptation.

    Category-0 MTC UE prototype specification

    Parameter Specification
    Silicon Freescale BSC9132
    Standards 3GPP Release 12 (software upgrade to support upcoming Release 13)
    Bandwidth 1.4, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20MHz
    Duplexing FDD, TDD (All UL-DL configuration and special sub-frame configuration)
    MIMO DL: 2×2, 4×2
    UL: 1×2, 2×2
    Category Support UE category 0 to 4
    MTC R12 category 0 UE
    (Software upgrade to support upcoming R13 eMTC features)
    Pro-Se R12 Pro-Se (D2D)
    (Software upgrade to support upcoming R13 ePro-Se (eD2D))