Power Electronics Technology

Power Electronics Technology

  • 3D Power Electronics Module

    Power semiconductors are primarily used as high switching speed and long lifetime commutation switches in the circuits of inverters and converters, which have been widely utilised in home appliances, electric vehicles, wind and solar power, etc. Apart from the design of the device, electronics packaging plays a crucial role in determining the electrical, thermal and reliability performance of the final products.

    Power module application areas
    Power module application areas with different switchable power and frequency

    Based on the 3D wirebondless packaging technology, ASTRI has successfully developed a new type of IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) power electronics module, and combining the large-scale molding technology, a fully-molded 3D wirebondless packaging format was developed in 2015 to overcome the bottlenecks caused by wirebonded interconnects.

    Compared to conventional wirebonded module that normally contains heavy aluminum wires as interconnects, ASTRI’s technologies can reduce the parasitic parameters by an order to reduce its overshoot voltage, and provide a double-side cooling interface to enhance its overall heat dissipation performance. In addition, a power semiconductor packaging pilot assembly line, which includes the traditional heavy aluminum wire bonder, vacuum reflow oven and the newly imported ultrasonic welder for bus bar assembly, has been established. It targets to:

    • Transfer the total solution with the process recipes to the customers.
    • Provide support for production of small volume of IGBT modules to the industry.
    3D power electronic module prototypes (A. Conventional wirebond module; B. 3D wirebondless module; C. 3D fully-molded module)


    system packaging pilot line
    ASTRI’s system packaging pilot line

    In the meantime, our team also provides package/system-level multi-physical coupling design, analysis and test services, such as the extraction of parasitic parameters, evaluation of thermal resistance, optimisation of electrical, thermo-mechanical performances and the packaging-related material characterisations.

    Comparison of cooling performances
    Comparison of cooling performances (side view)
    Simulated water-cooled IGBT module
    Simulated water-cooled IGBT module: Flow pattern and temperature distribution (Top view)


    • Voltage: 650V/1200V
    • Current: 200A/400A
    • Current density: ≥10kW/cm3
    • Switching loss reduced by: ≥40%
    • Thermal resistance (junction-to-case): 0.1ºC/W
    • Life time: 10+ years


    • Electric vehicle
    • High speed train
    • Motor control
    • Solar/wind energy
    • Data communication equipment


    Integrated Power Module (IPM)

    Power module is the core component of the power supply unit (PSU). Its main function is to convert electricity from the grid to various applications at different voltage and current levels. The highly integrated and compact power modules can improve the system performance and long time reliability by delivering increased power density, power conversion efficiency and better thermal solutions.

    ASTRI has successfully developed an integrated power module of single package format for the applications ranging from telecommunication and network, railway, aerospace, medical and industrial equipment. It incorporates three-level integration by adopting the system-in-package technology to: (i) embed small passive components in Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) substrate; (ii) integrate switching devices, drivers and control/sensing circuits in the package; (iii) integrate large passive components in the package. Compared to the market available solutions, the power density of this integrated power module has been improved by 500% whereas maintaining the same IO arrangement as required by the industrial/military standards, while our advanced thermal design makes its heat dissipation efficiency doubled so as to fulfill the future demands in the high energy consumption fields.

    ASTRI’s integrated power module


    • 1/8 or 1/4 brick format that fulfils industrial standard
    • Input voltage range 36V-75V
    • Output voltage 3.3V-12V
    • Output current 0-33A
    • High efficiency ~95% & high power density
    • Wide operation temperature range -55°C ~100°C
    • High reliability
    • Excellent thermal solution
    • Self-protection


    • Telecommunication and network, high performance server, microprocessor
    • Industrial equipment, railway, medical and aerospace
    • Others special requirements for high power density, power conversion efficiency and thermal performance
    Applications of IPM