3D Machine Vision

ASTRI’s 3D machine vision (3D Solder Paste Inspection, SPI/ 3D Automated Optical Inspection, AOI) adopts digital fringe projection technology to develop a fast and highly accurate 3D micro meter grade vision system. It can significantly improve the failure detection rate especially for false soldering in Surface Mounted Technology (SMT) process. The major innovations of the project are (1) shadow-free multiple projection system configuration, (2) multi-frequency fringe modulation, and (3) super fast multi-way phase integration.

Technology Advantages:

3D Digital Projection Technology, Customized LCOS/DLP Projector

• 3D Digital Projection Technology, Customized LCOS/DLP Projector
• Digitalized Strip Pattern Generation
• Versatile and Easy Adjustment of Multi-Frequency Strip Patterns
• High Dynamic Range Image Compensation to overcome Shadow & Reflection
• Global and Fast, Highly Accurate Measurement with Wide Range of Depth

3D Solder Paste Inspection

High Resolution Digitalised Strip Patterns with Delicately Calibrated Exposure Time to Perfectly Overcome Blind Spots caused by Reflection.



Four-Angel Projection Design for the AOI System to Minimise the Shadow Area.



Efficient Algorithm with High Accuracy with Depth Information covering all the Pixel Points on the whole PCB Board to Detect Defects on all kinds of Components and Leads.



FOV Size 25mm x 20mm 60mm x 48mm
Depth Range <800um <10mm
Depth Resolution 0.37um 1.2um (<2mm), 6.3um (<10mm)
Depth Accuracy +/- 2um +/-20um (<2mm), +/-100um (<10mm)
Projector Resolution 1280×1024 1280×1024
Contrast 500:1 450:1
(ANSI) Brightness 20lm/5W 20lm/5W
Refresh Rate 180f/s 180f/s
Gray Level               (0-255) (0-255)
Projector Size 270cm x 146cm x 231cm 180cm x 110cm x 100cm