Smart City Platform

  • The development of Smart Cities involves the emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) – connected devices operating on a large scale across indoor and outdoor areas. To fully exploit its potential, ASTRI has developed a scalable cloud-based Smart City Platform that can connect all these devices with seamless indoor and outdoor geographic information (GIS), and time stamps. It is capable of capturing, monitoring and analysing real-time data, as well as enabling smart navigation.

    The Smart City platform is meant to be deployed in large-scale enterprise and consumer grade BLE applications and systems in order to reap the maximised potential of IoT and smart city technologies. An application based on this platform has already been deployed in Hong Kong Science Park for a pilot experiment – allowing visitors to locate themselves within indoor premises. It assists visitors to navigate effectively to their desired locations.

    Internet-of-Things (IoT) Management and Application Platform (IMAP)

  • ASTRI has developed the ‘Internet-of-Things (IoT) Management and Application Platform (IMAP)’. This software platform provides an open standard, commercial-grade platform for IoT management and applications to become practical and deployable. It also enables the industry to develop end-to-end IoT applications in a cost-effective manner.

    With the large-scale, city-wide deployment of IoT devices, IoT management becomes challenging due to potential failure caused by various factors such as component errors, environmental factors e.g. temperature, and network connectivity. ASTRI’s IMAP software can minimise management complexity of large-scale deployment, and monitor the detailed status of IoT devices and their components. The IMAP can be scaled up or down, and be flexibly adapted to different devices, standards, protocols and applications. The system’s operational stability, and protection for data, makes it reliable and very secure.

    To demonstrate application in the real market, in addition to determining the system performance and quality, the IMAP has been leveraged to develop two smart city applications with great market potential: (1) Solar Street Light Management System, and (2) Solar Power Station Management System. These application systems have been successfully used for large-scale city-wide deployment in Wuhan, China. Currently fully operational, the systems allow remote management and control of solar energy devices – aiming over 1,000 solar street lights and solar power stations. The IMAP and related smart city applications can benefit business sectors and communities in both Hong Kong and the Mainland.

    Figure 1. Solar Street Light Management Deployment on a highway in Wuhan

    Figure 2. Web-GUI of Solar Street Light Management

    Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT)

  • NB-IoT applications and advantages


    ASTRI provides highly integrated NB-IoT solution including RF transceiver, baseband and System-on-Chip for terminals and sensor nodes.


    NB-IoT is a new global standard based on public and spectrum-licensed mobile operators’ networks. It is a wide area wireless technology which enables ubiquitous connections. Anything can be connected to the network from anywhere, regardless of its distance.


    NB-IoT is a part of the global 3GPP Release 13 standard published in June 2016 optimized for Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) applications with the following advantages:

    • Low Power → Battery life up to 10 years
    • Low Cost → Cheap enough to be deployed in mass-scale
    • Enhanced Coverage → Covers highly shadowed environments
    • Massive Deployment → Billions of connections


    NB-IoT supports a wide variety of applications across many different industries such as:

    • Smart Cities: Streetlights, parking, connected cars, waste management
    • Smart Metering: Water metering, gas metering, electrical metering
    • Smart Building: Alarm system, access control, HVAC control
    • Environmental Monitoring: Pollution monitoring
    • Intelligent Manufacturing: Industrial control, supply chain orchestration
    • Consumer Electronics: Wearable electronics, tracking goods, white goods