Internet of Things Management and Application Platform with Boardband Wireless

  • This project developed an Internet of Things (IoT) Management and Application Platform (IMAP). The IMAP enabling solutions are missing or only in prototype quality (i.e. not reliable, not scalable, and lack of security).


    Every street light is a standalone entity with its own solar panel and battery (i.e. no wires attached) and thus cannot be controlled and monitored remotely. Using wireless sensor network (WSN) technologies, the solar street lights can form a local area sensor network. With an IoT gateway device and the wireless broadband access such as LTE, the solar street lights can be managed and controlled remotely by the IoT management platform. The direct benefits of the IoT management platform would be the capability to monitor the street light components (such as solar panel, batteries, power, current etc) and to control the street lights (for examples, on/off, dimming etc) remotely.


    In addition, the IoT solution can bring impacts in terms of energy savings, low construction cost, environment protection and low operational and maintenance cost. In fact, when this project is completed, similar applications such as environment monitoring, video surveillance, river management, water quality monitoring etc can be developed quickly once the interested industry partners are identified.


    The project deliverables are:

    i)a commercial IoT gateway and management platform to provide management capability to different types of IoT devices flexibly and reliably;

    ii)Application solution: solar/wind powered device management applications (solar street light management and green energy device management).