Next Generation Augmented Reality

Next Generation Augmented Reality Technologies

Next Generation Augmented Reality Technologies
20150501 - 20170430

Mr Felix Chow
Full Project Deliverables: 1. Frame-based Multi-Marker Tracking Algorithms 2. 3D Marker Tracking Algorithms 3. (a) Stereoscopic Detection algorithm and (b) Image Quality Enhancement FPGA hardware 4. Augmented Reality (AR) Indoor Navigation Algorithm 5. AR on sync-ed camera head-mount-display (HMD) 6. Cloud-based AR Tracking Platform 7. AR marker tracking on Windows Phone platform Contract Service Deliverables 8. Development of Next Generation Augmented Reality for Customer 1 - Natural feature single or multiple concurrent markers tracking with user interaction. - Frame-based marker, 3D marker tracking and markerless tracking Unity plugins. - Air hand gesture interaction with virtual objects, and Windows / MacOS platform Unity plugins.
Dr Xinghua Zhu Mr Joni LAITINEN Dr Ng Chiu Wah Miss Shanshan Zheng Mr Hongzhi Guo Mr Chun Ho Yip
Redspots Creative (Hong Kong) Company Limited (contract service income) [Sponsor] SAE Magnetics (HK) Ltd (licensing income) [Sponsor]

Augmented Reality is becoming more popular for applications such as marketing, museum exhibition, mobile games etc. We are proposing this full project to develop Next Generation Augmented Reality Core Technologies. There will be cross domain collaboration between ICD and ERL on cloud computing. We will build on top of existing ASTRI technologies from multiple domains and develop new technologies to address local application needs. Target customers include marketing and media companies, vehicle manufacturer, AR game developers, HMD manufacturer.