Flexible Display Inspection System (ART/288CP)

Flexible Display Inspection System (ART/288CP)

Flexible Display Inspection System (ART/288CP)
01 / 02 / 2020 - 31 / 01 / 2022

Mr Changli WU

1. Integrated lighting-on testing for flexible curve display a) Optical & control inspection system design of pixel defects, wavelength, color & brightness uniformity inspection b) Hardware system design (optical, electrical and mechanical) of Mura inspection c) Algorithms development of pixel defect, wavelength, color & brightness uniformity inspection d) Deep learning based algorithms development of Mura inspection e) System integration of lighting-on testing System specifications: i. FOV : up to 6.5inch ii. Display resolution: up to 4K2K iii. Inspection speed ≤ 5s iv. Accuracy: ≥ 95% 2. High speed 3D tomography imaging for transparent cover glass A. Stereo phase measuring deflectometry system a) Optical & control system design of stereo phase measuring deflectometry b) Stereo phase measuring deflectometry algorithms development c) System integration of stereo phase measuring deflectometry d) Prototype and testing System specifications: i. FOV :~ 165mmX90mm ii. Speed : 5s iii. Z resolution ≤ 25um iv. Z measurement range ≥ 10mm B. Line /area confocal image sensing system a) Optical & control system design of line/area confocal image sensing b) Algorithms development of line/area confocal image sensing c) System integration of line/area confocal image sensing i. FOV: ≥ 10mmX10mm ii. Speed: ≤ 1s iii. Z resolution ≤ 2.5um iv. Z measurement range ≥ 5mm 3. Deliverable for Contract Service 1 3D object sensing system (Hardware and Software), including design documents 4. Deliverable for Contract Service 2 Deep learning defect classification software, including software development kit, source code and design documents

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Flexible display is the main technology of next generation display and will be leading to sprawling applications and revolutionizing the display market. It is expected that the revenue from flexible display production will expand at a high compound annual growth rate. In view of its strong market demand and growth potential, more and more enterprises start investing in this sector, especially the Chinese enterprises.

The current flexible display market is dominated by Samsung, which not only provides flexible display products but also develops its own-used production and inspection equipment. Thus, there are relatively insufficient suppliers to provide equipment and technologies for production and inspection on flexible display. Therefore, this project will develop flexible display inspection systems that are applicable on each manufacturing stages of flexible display. The systems can provide effective inspection and enhance production quality control during the manufacturing process. The proposed platform technologies include (1) Low-cost and fast “integrated lighting-on testing platform”: the integration includes the inspections of pixel defects, wavelength/color and brightness uniformity and Mura defects in a single platform; (2) High-precision and high-speed “3D tomography imaging Platform”: it consists of a stereo deflectometry 3D measurement system and a line/area confocal 3D image sensing system. The proposed inspection technologies can be widely used in various aspects of the manufacturing processes of flexible display, display module and end products. By realizing the automation of the flexible display inspection, the productivity and product quality will be increased while the overall production and manpower cost will be reduced.

The Hong Kong Government has been striving to promote development of technological innovation, as well as the development opportunities such as "Hong Kong Re-industrialization" and "Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Bay Area". The outcome of this project will help Hong Kong/Big Bay Area/China equipment suppliers and manufacturers to build visual inspection solutions in a fast and cost-effective manner. Furthermore, it will bring about the “localization” of flexible display inspection equipment and strengthen the competitiveness of Hong Kong and Chinese companies in this fast-growing sector.