Next Generation Network

Next Generation Network

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Next Generation Network

ASTRI develops infrastructure and platform of new technologies for wide applications, for instance in the areas of public safety and smart cities. Our goal is to play a pivoting role in supporting the development of the next generation network.


Our Focuses

Critical Technologies

> New radio technology

> Low Latency for Tactile Internet

> M2M for IoT

> Network Func. Virtualization

Applications & Services

> Synergistic with other initiatives (e.g. FinTtech, public safety and smart cities)


> Open source, open interfaces platform

> To introduce and show the latest and best technologies

National 5G & IoT standard contributions

> Already contributed to global std. (e.g. OPNFV, FuTURE Forum, 5GPPP, NGMN, Intel Network Builders Program)

> Established partnership with MIIT/CAICT

Core Technologies and Competences

Communications Software (NSOFT)

 Large-scale and real-time software in Telecom network

> Network Management

> Network functions virtualization

Baseband Solutions (BSOL)

> Communication system

> Wireless

> L1 DSP, L2/L3, Baseband algorithms, reference design and embedded software

Emerging Systems (ESYS)

>5G Technologies

> Software-defined radio, high-efficiency, green RF

> Broadband Wireless Innovation Platform


> Communication transceiver, baseband and system-on-chip development and comprehensive module IPs accumulated


81 Granted

31 Pending

Next Generation Network (NGN) Initiative

Establish an open, and innovative NGN test-bed in Hong Kong

To drive sustained and disruptive technologies’ R&D and new applications

Intelligent City Applications:
– Intelligent Construction
– Medical/Healthcare
– Intelligent Manufacturing and Re-Industrialisation
– FinTech
– Intelligent Transportation
– Public Safety
Merged with Cloud technology core network
– Open, software-defined, virtual network functions core network

Broadband interface, ubiquitous, Internet of Things