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FinTech Innovation Hub


Innovating for Future FinTech

ASTRI published a white paper outlined how FinTech can improve banks’ business scale of their existing MSMEs financing services and the access to finance for MSMEs. ASTRI is also exploring the possibility of enabling banks to access the creditworthiness through an Open Application Programming Interface. ASTRI is supporting banks to enhance their cybersecurity.


ASTRI has purpose-built and successfully commercialised an AI chatbot with speech-to-text solutions. The next step is to develop text-to-speech and to teach it emotions. To take the level of customer service further, ASTRI has developed a sentiment analyser to detect whether the customer is content or starting to lose their patience. Read More




ASTRI’s handwritten Chinese Optical Character Recognition technology uses machine vision and deep learning technologies. The accuracy rate can be up to 97.12% with auto corrects contextual mistakes function for specific scenarios. Handwritten forms can be processed into database automatically. It is also equipped with contextual intelligence capable of auto-correcting local addresses. Read More