Seminar presented by ASTRI’s Security & Data Sciences Technology Group

eLearning Analytics

Picture1 by Dr. Christina Chan

By analyzing the item difficulties and students’ abilities together in a question paper, proper inferences can be made on the design on the assessment. Through this process, teachers will be able to come up with assessments that can truly measure how well students learn. Moreover, assessments can be designed to accommodate individual differences of the students according to analysis results. This will facilitate self-directed learning so that students can learn at their own pace.

Financial Big Data and Open Quant Cloud Platform

 by Dr. Kent Wu

Financial big data enables a range of FinTech innovations and applications. Internet Finance, among a range of other Internet + markets and applications, will see unprecedented growth fueled by the latest technological development and business model innovation. This talk will introduce our latest technical development and exploration in this area, and ASTRI’s Open Quant Cloud Platform which can incorporate modules from various parties to stimulate and speedup academic and industry collaboration on an open platform.

Big Data Analytics Platform

Picture3by Dr. Tao Yu

With the adoption of Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Social Media, there are plethora amount of data generated from every facet of our daily lives and transactions. The volume, variety, and velocity of data are far beyond the capacity of traditional storage and analyzing capabilities. The proposed Big Data Analytics (BDA) platform is designed to empower both the technical and non-technical users to improve their business decisions and operations by harnessing the value of Big Data. They can easily migrate the business intelligence data to the said platform, set up the data analytics workflow for their specific business domain via a user-friendly interface and visualize data with a simple drag and drop. The platform leverages Apache hadoop by encapsulating the complicated Hadoop configuration, management and programming into a cost-effective accessible Big Data turnkey solution for all.

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VenueConference Halls 01 & 02, G/F, Core Building, Phase I, Hong Kong Science Park