Next-Generation Security Technologies in a Connected and Intelligent World


The world is becoming more and more connected and intelligent. At the same time, malicious cyber attacks are wreaking havoc on the Internet and continue to increase in scale, sophistication, and severity. How can we combat the increasingly sophisticated threat landscape? How can we fundamentally break the cat-and-mice game and change the attack-defense arms race dynamic? In this talk, I will explore different approaches to security and present new techniques to build secure systems. I will show examples from our recent projects that demonstrate the principle of Secure by Construction and Secure by Learning, and describe how these approaches provide better security than traditional approaches. Our solutions have helped secure many widely deployed software systems including high-profile Google applications and FreeBSD. I will discuss future directions in next-generation security solutions.

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VenueMeeting Room 4, 1/F, Core Building 1, Phase 1, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, Hong Kong