Innovative Technology Series (Workshop 11)

Workshop 11:   A half-day workshop in IC Design (Digital) and Opto-electronics

Topic 1: Healthcare Electronics

Ageing population has been a worldwide problem. By 2031, nearly one-third of Hong Kong’s population will be over the age of 65 which brings challenges not only to the overall healthcare system but also long-term care services. In the first part of this presentation, Dr Tsang is going to share with us state-of-the-art non-invasive medical/healthcare devices/sensors including pulse oximeters, cuffless blood pressure, non-invasive blood glucose, etc., for preventive healthcare and enhancing life quality and functional capacities of the elderly. In the second part, he will share us his experience in the development of MEMS neural probe which was originally designed for insect-based micro-air-vehicle but has found an application in the implantable neural devices later.

Topic 2: High Density Interconnect Substrate Technologies

The explosive growth of portable communication devices has resulted in an overwhelming demand for finer line/space pattern formation of high density interconnect (HDI) substrates, which has lead the way away from the conventional subtractive circuit formation to semi-additive process (SAP), and modified semi-additive process (MSAP) technologies. The advancement of these technologies provides many challenges to overcome in production. This seminar will address the processes, materials and applications for manufacturing HDI substrates. Focusing on two of the challenging process steps in MSAP technologies, i.e. copper electrodepostion process for signal line formation, blind microvia an sd through hole filling, and the flash etching process for the final circuit formation, the seminar will highlight the key material developments of the two processes in ASTRI which are relevant to advancing HDI technology.

About  ITS Workshop

Jointly organised by the Department of Electronic and Information Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU EIE), Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI), and Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP), the Innovative Technology Series (ITS) seeks to keep the industry and the community abreast of the current and emerging technologies in electronic and information engineering. The ITS will be delivered in a series of 12 structural professional training workshops covering different topics of current and upcoming technologies as well as the latest research results. Presenters of the training workshops will be the professors of PolyU EIE and research project leaders of ASTRI. Overseas experts may also join the training workshops to share their experience with local industry and community.

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VenueConference Hall 1-2, G/F, Core Building 1, Phase 1, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, Hong Kong