Innovative Technology Series (Workshop 10)

Workshop 9:   A half-day workshop in IC Design (Digital) and Opto-electronics

Topic 1: Visual Computing: From High Quality Visual Content to Immersive Experience

We have entered the cloud and mobile computing era. Consumers are enjoying high quality multimedia content on multiple devices, including desktop displays, smart phones, tablets, and wearables. In the near future, people will want to interact with these devices in smarter ways so as to obtain a real-time, life-like immersive experience. Emerging cross-screen applications are being propelled by visual computing, a fast-growing field that combines image and signal processing, computer graphics, virtual and augmented reality, computer vision and pattern recognition, and human-machine interface technologies.

In this talk, we will discuss several topics in the visual computing field, including highly realistic video, 3D interactions, and 360-degree video capture. To achieve highly realistic visual experience on 2D videos, human visual system analysis and depth of sense enhancement technologies are required in combination of super-resolution reconstruction. To allow users to control virtual objects in real-world 3D space, computer graphics, motion sensing and holographic display technologies must be integrated effectively in 3D interaction systems. To capture seamless 360-degree panoramic video in real-time, efficient solution that can handle ghosting and lens distortions are required. We will introduce ASTRI’s research on these topics, as well as our solutions for 4KTV, video production, 360 degree camera, and a number of entertainment and professional applications.

Topic 2: See Through Display Technologies and Applications of Augmented Reality (AR)

See through display technologies are widely applied to wearable, automotive applications and even extend to signage for advertisement.Before Google introduced its glasses in 2013, most fancy stuffs in this area we knew are from movies, such as large see through display wall in Minority Report (2002), boys’ dream toy – AR helmet in Iron Man (2008)’; situation has been changed a lot since Microsoft launched its AR (augment reality) glass – HoloLens and Magic Leap introduced its unique MR (mixed reality) glass and invested by Google and Alibaba valued the company at $1.2bn.

In this talk, we’re going to discuss see through projection based display technologies in 3 different applications – wearable, automotive and advertisement; including market update, existing technical challenges and their market opportunities. We’d also introduce ASTRI display + sensing technology platform solution from device packaging, projection module design to system integration.

About  ITS Workshop

Jointly organized by the Department of Electronic and Information Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU EIE), Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI), and Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP), the Innovative Technology Series (ITS) seeks to keep the industry and the community abreast of the current and emerging technologies in electronic and information engineering. The ITS will be delivered in a series of 12 structural professional training workshops covering different topics of current and upcoming technologies as well as the latest research results. Presenters of the training workshops will be the professors of PolyU EIE and research project leaders of ASTRI. Overseas experts may also join the training workshops to share their experience with local industry and community.

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