CCASP Certified Infrastructure Tester (CCT infra)

CCASP Certified Infrastructure Tester (CCT infra)

  • Course Objectives

    • Understand the techniques used in advanced ethical hacking activities.
    • Gain hands on experience with a variety of advanced tools applicable to all phases of an ethical hacking engagement.
    • Identify common issues encountered during different phases of an ethical security test and ways to work around them.
    • Test yourself against a real-life vulnerable network in a real-life challenge.
    • Gain valuable insight into CCASP certifications.


    Course Outlines

    • This course will cover advanced penetration testing techniques against Windows and Linux networks.
    • It will cover the penetration testing lifecycle from network mapping and reconnaissance through to exploitation and post-exploitation activities.
    • Understand exploitation of software vulnerabilities.
    • Identify the phases of post-exploitation. Understand potential countermeasures that can be deployed against post-exploitation tasks.
    • Describe some common post-exploitation tasks on Windows and Linux systems.
    • Describe vulnerabilities and issues on network protocols and common networking devices.
    • The content of this programme is designed to help participants prepare for the CCASP CCT Infra examination and will cover a significant portion of the syllabus.


    3 days