Consultancy Description



The Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) was founded by the HKSAR Government in 2000 with a mission of enhancing Hong Kong’s competitiveness in technology based industries through applied research. Owing to the continuous expansion in our R&D activities, we are seeking qualified professionals to provide the following consultancy services:

Service Scope

Provide consultancy services with domain expertise and advice to the OE/MI project team in on-chip spectrometer development including (a) AWG and/or WDM devices design; (b) modelling and (c) mask layout.


  • Holds a faculty position at university or principle investigator (or senior scientist, senior research officer) at research institute or company with proven record in silicon photonic research (e.g. peer review journal, scientific award, national level research grant management and review experience)
  • Teaching experience in silicon photonic (integrated optic device) at university level
  • Familiar with multi-project wafer (MPW) platform and design rule for the standard silicon photonic foundry (e.g. IME or IMEC)


The deliverables for this consultant are divided into four tasks: Task #1: Introduction and technical review on the silicon photonic and its application in spectroscopic sensing. The deliverables of thethis task includes (a) technical report and (b) 3 months telephone/email support for Q&A [16 hours] The technical report (a) will be delivered at the end of the 1st month Task #2: Schematic drawing and design parameters of on-chip spectrometer with embedded heater (including two designs): [60 hours]
  • Design (i): spectral range from 1350 – 1550 nm with 16 output channels and spectral resolution ≤ 12.5 nm
  • Design (ii): spectral range from 1150 – 1550 nm with 24 output channels and spectral resolution ≤ 12.5 nm
Task #3: Computer modelling study on design (i) and (ii) [60 hours] The schematic drawing files and modelling study report of design 1 and 2 will be delivered at the end of the 2nd month Task #4: Mask layout of design (i) and (ii) regarding the design rule of the foundry (IME-ASTAR) MPW services [60 hours] The mask layout files of design (i) and (ii) will be delivered at the middle of the 3rd month


2.5 - 3 months


Referral or interested parties are cordially invited to send contact information (quoting Ref. No.) with brief introduction of the consultant to the following email address no later than 15 June 2017. Email: [email protected] Personal data provided will be used for engagement purposes only.